*Introductory specials are paid via check or cash (we don’t accept credit cards), and can be used once.

“PERSONAL TRAINING Special” All new clients start with three Personal Training sessions to learn the principles of STOTT PILATES, and safety on the equipment, before potentially joining a group class.  Receive 3 Personal Training sessions for just $279.

“SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING SPECIAL” Bring a friend and pay $179 per person, for three introductory sessions.  Joseph Pilates suggested practicing Pilates at least 3 times a week for the best results. “GET FIT, FEEL FABULOUS, AND FLOURISH” today!

“PERSONAL TRAINING package of 5 special”  New Clients receive 5 sessions for $479.

“SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING SPECIAL package of 5 special” Bring a friend and pay $319 each ($638 total),  when purchasing a package of 5 sessions. 

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