Class Registration Policies


REGISTRATION POLICY: Like a college, the studio observes a Fall, Winter, and a Spring/Summer term. There is usually one week off between each term or in the middle of the term. Toward the end of each term, everyone has an opportunity to e-mail Clare and renew their space in their current class if the class size has met the minimum. The class minimum size for a mat class is 3 people, and for Reformer it is 2 people. If a class starts out in the beginning of the term with the minimum number, and then it falls below the minimum number during the term, the class may be cancelled. In this event the remaining clients can put their credit for the rest of the term toward another class time or format, and a refund is not available. For example, if a mat class is cancelled the credit can potentially go toward enrolling in a Reformer class if the client pays the difference in cost.

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE: Toward the end of each term, everyone has an opportunity to e-mail Clare and renew their space in their current class. A client’s space will be held until the payment deadline. If payment isn’t received by the deadline the space will go to the first person on the waiting list. To register, please confirm the price first with Clare via e-mail. Clients enroll for the length of the term, and for the same class time and day each week. This can be pro-rated if you are new to the studio and start mid-way through the term. It can not be pro-rated if you are going to be gone during the term (for example a vacation). Clients can make up any missed classes before a planned vacation in other classes during a given term. Payment for class is made in full (partial payments aren’t accepted). Then feel free to either give a check to Clare, or send it to the studio address. If you miss a class, you are welcome to make it up during the current term (space permitting). Please read more under our “Make Up Class Policies.”

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As a small studio with small class sizes, we don’t allow “drop-ins.” We find that by having the same small group of people together in a class, the group can progress at the same rate and level so this benefits clients greatly. If you want to try out another class to see if you’d like to enroll before registering for the term, you can pay for the price of one single class during any given term and then if you like it and want to continue you can enroll in the remaining length of the term. This is a courtesy extended once each term.

If a particular class time or format isn’t working for you, contact Clare to inquire about switching into another class even if it is mid-way through the term. If there is a difference in format and price for the new class, you would simply pay the difference. This is a courtesy extended once each term.

HOLIDAYS & SNOW DAYS: The studio is closed for major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July (no charge for class), and the studio is closed for snow days when the WL school district is closed.