Pilates Spring-Wall Classes

Pilates Spring-Wall Classes accommodate small groups of up to 5 people

Flourish Pilates is pleased to be one of the few Pilates studios to offer Spring-Wall classes, in the Portland metro area. The Spring-Wall is also unique to boutique Pilates studios, and is not offered in local gyms. It takes Personal Training Cadillac exercises, and puts them in a group class setting. The unique Spring-Wall, is primarily a standing workout using springs for resistance. There are some exercises performed while lying on the back, and alternatives are available if needed. The spring wall class has been ideal for new people who experience neck tension, and people with disc issues. It is mostly a standing closed-chain workout (versus open chain). Closed-chain exercises are suggested for people with back problems.

While a few exercises mimic the Pilates Reformer exercises (such as “feet in straps” and the side-arm series), most of the Spring-Wall exercises are unique and different from the Reformer. Because there is resistance coming from above with the unique Spring-Wall, clients are able to practice therapeutic low and mid-trap exercises to enhance shoulder stabilization. Because one spring can be used at at time, many exercises also offer oblique stabilization challenges that are also unique to the Spring-Wall. The Spring-Wall is the ideal class for new clients, pre-natal and post-partum clients, people with back issues, and anyone who needs to enhance shoulder stabilization and decrease neck tension.