Pilates Mommy

Celebrating the blessing of motherhood, Flourish Pilates TM offers Pilates Mommy classes to address the special needs and considerations of new mothers regaining their strength and flexibility through Pilates, and assists Moms-to-be with strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and preparing for childbirth. Pre-natal and Post-partum Moms (with a doctor’s approval), can safely participate in Standing Pilates Classes, and Beg/Int. Reformer/Wall classes.

Pregnant women are also ideal candidates for Pilates because the growing weight of the baby can create poor posture. By strengthening the shoulders, hips, and legs, it also prepares women for effective deliveries. We also incorporate Kegel exercises which help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which are needed for pushing and delivery. Spring-Wall classes and Beginner Reformer classes are available, and offer options for prenatal women for a safe and effective workout during each trimester.

New moms are also ideal candidates for Pilates because of the effects that pregnancy and motherhood has on the spine, posture, and pelvic floor muscles. After childbirth, women need to rehabilitate their pelvic floor muscles to avoid the onset of stress urinary incontinence, and other complications. Private sessions help postpartum women gently recover from childbirth. Specific modifications are also given for women recovering from a C-section.