BALLET BARRE & Spring-Wall

Ballet Barre and Pilates Spring-Wall classes are new for Spring 2013!

Improve your posture & lift your BOOTY with Ballet Barre and Pilates Spring-Wall! This great workout works the hips, gluts, arms, abs, and legs. Tone, strengthen, and lengthen your muscles. This is a fluid workout that combines dance and Pilates principles, making it safe for the non-dancer. It is mostly standing and can be ideal for many neck and back issues. By strengthening the hips and gluts, we can also prevent many back issues.

This class combats the effects of sitting! We are standing for most of the class, strengthening the gluts, and stretching tight hip-flexors. Strengthen your back muscles and find relief from upper back and neck tension, while working the abdominals and toning the upper and lower body. Ballet exercises for the legs are performed standing. Standing Pilates exercises are performed on the Pilates Spring-Wall which uses springs for resistance to work the arms, legs, and abs at the same time!

There are numerous benefits to this format. We relieve upper body tension by strengthening the low and mid traps and other shoulder stabilzers. Using springs for resistance, strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder girdle, hips, and knees. Physical Therapy-like exercises increase range of motion and flexibility. Bi-lateral movements stretch tight muscles and balance both sides of the body equally. Great for Pregnancy, Osteoporosis prevention, Scoliosis, Disc Issues, athletic people, and everyone in between. Improve your overall fitness and and posture today!