Winter Term runs from Friday Jan. 3 – Thursday April 30th for 14
weeks of class, spanning 17 weeks. Spring break is March 20-27, and
there’s no class/charge. There’s no class/charge Monday Jan. 20, March 16th , and March 23. There’s no class/charge Wed Feb. 5, March 4, March
25. Thursday class runs for 16 weeks. There’s no class/charge
Thursday March 26. There’s no class/charge Friday Jan. 17th, March 13th, and March 27th. There’s no class/charge Saturday Feb. 29, March 14, and March 21.

HEALTHY BACK MAT PILATESImprove strength, flexibility & tone with balls, rings, rollers, &bands! Combines Yoga stretches with the strength training benefits of the Pilates. Some exercises are performed standing to increase balance and functional fitness.   Benefit from strength & toning in this challenging and safe workout. Combat the effects of sitting in a small group and prevent injury.

FEE:     IC $350, OC $355 (14 sessions)

S          9:30-10:15 (Jan. 4 – April 25th *No class Feb. 29, March 21, and March 28

BEGINNER PILATES REFORMER & Spring-wall… Exercise on the Pilates Reformer machine with a small group of up to 6 people. Get back into fitness gently with the Pilates Spring-wall and stretch, lengthen and strengthen muscles at the same time.   Gain core strength and tone your entire body! Increase flexibility, improve posture, and prevent injury by balancing out the body.

FEE: IC $490, OC $495 (14 sessions)

M         9:30 – 10:30 am (Jan. 6 – April 27th *No class/charge Jan. 20, March 23,  April 6 )

W       6:00 – 6:55 pm (Jan. 8 – April 29th * No class/charge Feb. 5th, March 4th & 25th)

S          8:30 -9:25 am (Jan. 4 – April 25th *No class Feb. 29, March 21, and March 28

PI-YO (PILATES/YOGA) Reformer combines the beneficial stretching of Yoga with the strength training benefits of the Pilates Reformer machine and Spring-wall. Perform traditional Yoga moves on the Pilates Reformer.   Benefit from more strength & toning, with movements that involve more coordination and stamina.

FEE: IC $490, OC $495 (14 sessions)

F          9:30 – 10:25 (Jan. 3rd – April 24th * no class/charge Jan. 17th, March 13, and 27th)

THERAPEUTIC PILATES/ GENTLE-PACED SPRING-WALL/REFORMER This is for the client that wants to ease back into fitness. With a doctor’s approval, it is appropriate for many back issues. Exercises are mostly performed in neutral spine, and are easy on the joints.

FEE: IC $560 OC $565 (16 sessions)

Th       9:30 – 10:25 (Jan. 9 – April 30th * no class/charge March 26th)

PARENT & CHILD…Mommy and Me classes for boys and girls ages 7-17: Double the fun and Mom gets her workout too. Exercises are performed standing and on the mat and use Resist-a-balls, rings, rollers, weighted balls, bands, and the BOSU balance trainer. Gain strength and flexibility and postural awareness at any age. Learn how to stretch and strengthen muscles to prevent back pain. Develop a strong core and increase self-awareness and confidence.

FEE: IC $490, OC $495 (14 sessions) *Cost is for parent/guardian, and child to attend

S      9:30 – 10:15 am (Jan. 4 – April 25th *No class Jan. 18, Feb. 29, March 21 )

FALL TERM starts Sept. 3rd and ends Dec. 19th for 14 weeks of class, spanning 16 weeks. There’s no class/charge Monday Nov. 25th. There’s no class/charge Tuesday Nov. 26th & Oct. 8th. There’s no class/charge Wed. Nov. 27th & Oct. 9th. There’s no class/charge Thursday Nov. 28th & Oct. 10th. Friday Class runs for 13 weeks.  There’s no class/charge Friday Nov. 29th & Oct. 11th. Saturday class runs for 10 weeks. There’s no class/charge, Sept. 21st, Oct. 12, Nov. 16, Nov. 30th Dec. 14th.