Winter term starts at 6 pm Jan 3rd – April 30th. Classes run for 16 weeks. Tuesday class runs for 15 weeks. Saturday class runs for 14 weeks.

There’s no class/charge January 13- January 14th (there is class on MLK Day).
There’s no class/charge for evening class on Monday Feb. 5th.
Class on Feb. 14th is rescheduled for Tuesday February 13th at 6:00 pm.
There’s no class/charge for morning classes on March 26th (but there is class in the evening on Monday March 26th).

There’s no class/charge from March 27- March 30th for spring break.

*Class from Monday Jan. 8th will be made up on Monday March 19th.
*Class from Friday Jan. 5th will be made up on Saturday March 24th from *8:45-9:45.
There is no class/charge for 10:15 class on March 3rd and March 10th.
*Class from Saturday January 6th will be made up on Saturday March 31st.
There is class now on April 3rd

Spring/Summer term starts Tuesday May 1st and ends Friday August 24tht for 13-15 weeks of class, spanning 17 weeks. There’s no class/charge June 20th – June 26th. There’s no class/charge on July 3, July 4th, July 5, July 6, July 7, and Wednesday July 18th. *Wednesday class runs for 13 sessions. *Saturday classes run for 14 weeks.