Who should practice Pilates?

How often and who should practice Pilates?
Joseph Pilates suggested practicing at least 3 times a week to see results. Combining Pilates Mat with Pilates Reformer sessions each week is the best way to see results because they compliment one another and work different muscle groups.

Who should take Pilates? Pilates can benefit most people. Pilates is meant to compliment cardiovascular exercise, and stretch and strengthen tight muscles that aren’t worked in other forms of exercise.

People with back problems and poor posture are ideal candidates for Pilates. Moreover, people with sciatica and other lower back problems experience relief from their symptoms with regular Pilates practice. In order to have strong abs, one must have a strong back and regular Pilates practice helps us achieve this by working the abs and back at the same time. Private Pilates sessions, and Spring-Wall Classes are available that provide a specialized workout and modifications for people with back problems.

People who have desk jobs or cyclists are ideal candidates for Pilates. When you sit at a desk or sit on a bike for an extended amount of time your hip-flexors shorten, your hamstrings get tight, your shoulders slump forward, your chest caves in, and your lumbar spine is sometimes forced into excessive extension or flexion creating lower back pain. Pilates exercises can help combat the effects of sitting or biking. In addition, people who practice Pilates and have core strength are more comfortable sitting on a bike or in a chair for an extended amount of time. Pilates workouts are a great way to combat the effects of sitting.

Athletic people are ideal candidates for Pilates. Everyone needs to stretch as well as strengthen their muscles and develop a strong core, in addition to cardiovascular exercise. Athletes need to improve their range of motion, balance, and flexibility to run faster, swim faster, or cycle faster than their competition. Athletes who practice Pilates have a competitive edge because they have strengthened weak muscles and the stabilizing muscles.

Pilates is also a great form of exercise for preventative care. Women especially can benefit from a regular Pilates workout to help prevent developing Osteoporosis, Disc injuries, and shoulder, knee, and hip injuries.Women of all ages are ideal candidates for Pilates because Pilates helps improve posture and bone-density (counter-acting the onset of Osteoporosis). Pilates stretches and strengthens muscles such as the hip (which is very important to strengthen because of the high rate of hip fractures older women experience), that many traditional fitness classes don’t strengthen.  Please e-mail info@flourishpilates.com for more information.