“PERSONAL TRAINING Special” New Clients receive 2 Personal Training sessions for just $149 (mention code “FLOURISH”), saving $43! This special can be used once, and is the recommended way to start if you have an injury or back condition, and the ideal way to start a Pilates program. Joseph Pilates suggested practicing Pilates at least 3 times a week for the best results. “GET FIT, FEEL FABULOUS, AND FLOURISH” today!

“PARENT & CHILD PILATES MAT” Register for Mat class at the Full price ($21.50), and your child receives 40% off. This makes the total price for each class $34.50 for parent & child.

“PILATES BOOTCAMP” New Clients receive $7 off their Mat class EACH WEEK, when signing up for a Reformer class at the Regular price each week ($49.50 per week for both one Mat and one Reformer). Add on a third class each week and receive $5 off ($30 per Reformer class), or $79.50 per week.

“REFORMER BOOTCAMP” New Clients receive $5 off their second Reformer class EACH WEEK ($30 per class), when registering for their first class at the regular price ($35). Add on a third Reformer class each week and receive another $10 off ($25 per class).

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